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August 27, 2020 06:59

How to Increase Views on Roposo - 8 Useful Guide for More Views on Roposo

Here are the 8 Proven Tips for Increased views on the Roposo app an as well as Increase Followers & Like On Roposo App.

The Roposo video maker app is an amazing platform where all the influencers and entertainers shoot their video for their social media pages. This app has been released as a direct competitor of the Tik Tok app after its ban in India.

Increased views on Roposo app is a frequently searched topic among all the Indian YouTubers and social media influencers. This app was recently released after the Tik Tok ban and every influencer wants to get the first-mover advantage by quickly increasing the views.

In this particular article, we will be covering the simple and effective steps of increasing the views on this platform and will also cover the premium features of the same.

 Roposo Video Maker App

The Roposo video maker app was launched in the year 2014 but gained its popularity in the month of July 2020. The main reason behind its popularity in the year 2020 was the interim ban on more than 50 Chinese applications by the government of India.

The app gained widespread popularity in the Indian market as all the Tiktok influencers and users quickly shifted on this particular platform as all the features provided by Tiktok were incorporated in this application.

Download Roposo App & Became a More Popular on Social Media.

The app is easily available on the Google Play Store platform and has a size of 24 megabytes. It can be easily installed and used in any android device which has a minimum version of 4.0 and above.

As this application has recently gained popularity, the majority of the people who have started using this platform are trying to gain the early mover advantage by quickly increasing their views and likes on the Roposo app.

Next, we will be discussing quick and effective ways to increase views on Roposo apps.

Legit Ways to Increase Views on Roposo

Some of the most interesting and legitimate ways to increase views on Roposo application are listed below with their brief description:

1. Attractive Profile

The first method is by creating an attractive Roposo profile that is able to capture the eyes of the audience and viewers at a single time and in a second.

The profile should be so dynamic that whenever a person comes across the profile he or she is not able to scroll past it without spending a minute or so on it.

A profile can be built in such a way by posting quality content and at the same time using good background music in your videos so that the viewers are able to relate in a better way with your trending videos.

Also, you should focus on using trending audio and video songs so that the audience does not feel that your material is outdated.

2. Consistent Quality of Content

The second way to increase views on the Roposo application is by keeping the content published on the profile consistent and maintaining the quality of the same.

This can be ensured by creating the video in such a way that it is able to cater to the recent happenings from the majority of the segments so that the audience is able to relate with it in a much better way.

The content should not be very long and should be decent enough so that it is able to win the hearts of the majority segment of the society.

3. Creating Trending Content

It is very important for a Roposo application influencer to understand the trend of society and be aware about the latest happenings of the world. This will help in getting the topic of the video very easily and at the same time, you will be able to get maximum views on your Roposo video.

4. Using the Correct Hashtags for Your Posts

While using the various social media platforms it becomes very necessary to keep in mind the concepts of digital marketing.

Without the use of these technical concepts, it is nearly impossible for any influencer to gain a maximum number of views on their videos as their reach will only be restricted to limited people.

So, the use of correct hashtags along with the right keywords is very necessary while posting any video or image on the Roposo application.

The correct hashtag which has the maximum search volume and density should be used while posting the video as your video will appear whenever any person uses that particular hashtag.

This will help in increasing the number of likes on your video along with the views to a tremendous extent.

5. Creating Original Content

For any influencer or social media performer, it becomes very important to post original content on their profile.

Any particular application, Google ranks only those applications or websites in the top of the list who are continuously posting original content in terms of images, videos, GIF files, documents or any other information.

The originality score will only increase if you are posting your own content on the profile and are not simply copy-pasting the content from other blogs or profiles.

This will also help in creating your reputation in the market and will establish you as a key player because fewer people are present on the Roposo application who are continuously posting their own creative content.

This particular factor can be taken as the golden opportunity and worked upon to increase views on Roposo.

6. Like and Comment on Other Videos

Another way of increasing your number of views and likes on the content with your posting on a profile on the Roposo application is by following, commenting and liking all the posts of other famous accounts that are present on this particular platform.

In the comment section of these profiles, you can give a link to your own profile so that some people will check out your profile using that link and a positive word of mouth will spread in the market.

This will further result in increasing your brand awareness and gradually your views and likes on the videos will start increasing.

7. Engaging the Audience

Another simple and time-saving way to increase views on the Roposo application is by engaging your audience by the means of the content which you are posting on your Roposo profile.

The content which has been posted by you on a regular basis should be such that it is able to capture the eyes of all the people using the app and at the same time makes an impact on their mind that they are not able to forget what they have seen for the next one week or so.

If a Roposo influencer is able to achieve these feats, then this can result in bringing huge positives for the Roposo account holder in the form of increased views on the videos and at the same time increased number of likes also.

 8. Using the Correct Theme and Music

Another important aspect that an influencer of Roposo application should keep in his or her mind is that they should use themes and background music in such a way that it does not hamper the originality and flow of the content in which they are posting in the form of video.

The music which is embedded in the background of the video should not be so loud that the viewers are not able to comprehend the content or the crux of the video.

Also, the frames which are being used as the boundary of the video should not be very broad or dark in color as there are chances that the main picture of the video gets tempered or covered with these thick borders.

Final Verdict

To increase views on the Roposo app it is important to understand the fact that the audience will only like or view those videos which have quality content in them so that the retention of the audience is more and they are forced to spend more time on that particular profile.

If the content is not eye catchy and at the same time is not able to make an everlasting impact on the minds of the viewers, then it will become very difficult for that particular profile to rise in terms of views because of the competition present on the platform.

If the various methods to increase views on Roposo apps covered in this particular article are religiously followed, then we assure you that you will be able to increase the number of views on your Roposo profile within the span of a few months.

Till then, keep reading and keep creating wonderful content :)


 1. Can hashtags be helpful for increasing the views on the Roposo videos?

Yes, the right hashtags have the power to push your Roposo video to the people who are searching for something using the same trending hashtag. So if the same hashtag is used in your video, then this will give a major boost to your profile and will result in an increased number of views and likes.

2. Can you earn money using Roposo App?

Yes, a fair amount of money can be earned using the Roposo app. This can only be done if the reach of your profile has increased to a certain extent and at the same time, good sponsors or promoters are looking to work with you, who will pay good amounts of money for every promotion. 

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