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August 27, 2020 11:23

10 Best Face Changer Video Apps for Android And iOS Devices

Collection of best 10 face changer video apps you can use to give your face a new look and improve your social presence.

Best Face Changer Video Apps will help you get a new look by swapping your face with a different face so that you can have some fun and share it with your friends on social media accounts.

With the Face Changer Video Apps, you can swap your face with the famous celebrities or the person you admire the most and share it with your friends to create a social media buzz.

Let us have a look at some of these apps and how they can help you become an internet sensation in little time.

10 Best Face Changer Video Apps in 2020

There has been a complete turmoil in the camera industry and along with that the smartphones are also changing and adding new functionalities with different tech startups and applications.

One such great innovation is the existence of different face changer video apps that allows users to easily swap their faces with their friends or celebrities in real-time to have some fun and enjoy the experience.

Let us have a look at 10 Best Face Changer Video Apps for your Android & iOS Devices.

 1. Snapchat App

Snapchat is one of the biggest social networking websites on the internet with more than 500 million active users who visit the portal daily.

The application is very popular especially with the content creators that publish videos and like to capture photographs but very few are aware of its face Changer application.

It is one of the best face changer video apps available on the internet with the help of which you can swipe your face in real-time.

While you are clicking photos or shooting a video make sure you place your finger on the screen where your face is located until new photos emerge from the application and then replace the original pic with the one you wish to swipe with.

This application is extremely simple and easy to use and the navigation of the face swap option is just a tap away from you. Enjoy the face changer app and capture the best moments of your life from the application.

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2. FaceApp Application

This application became extremely popular after the launch because of its very popular filter called the aging filter.

Although most of us must have used its agent filter, very few of us are aware of other unique features that the application also offers.

Apart from taking natural photographs you can also change your gender, hair color or look older or younger as per your wish.

This application is designed on a very special machine learning and artificial intelligence platform that maintains the authenticity of the original image while swapping faces for you.

Although most of the features in this application are locked under the provision therefore you might need to buy the premium account from the application or choose to offer in app purchase from the application to enjoy these Pro features.

If you don’t wish to spend any extra money on the pro features of the application, then you must definitely use the other alternatives that we have listed in this article for your convenience and comfort. 

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3. B612 Application

This application is mostly used for camera filters and for beautifying the images while you are clicking selfies or videos from your mobile camera.

However, this application also comes with the face changer feature where you can just click on the smiley icon available in the application and launch the face pack feature.

First, you need to click on the smiley icon available in the application, and then next you need to choose the face swap option from the navigation menu available to you.

This application works on a real-time basis so that you can click stunning selfies while changing the face in the video app.

You can start recording your video on clicking selfies from this application automatically with the face swap option once you have enabled it from the application.

It is one of the best face changer video apps available on the internet and is extremely easy to use for all the users to create sensational selfies and stunning photographs from the camera.

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4. Portrait AI Application

This application is used to convert your images into portrait paintings especially from the era of the 1980s. It produces stunningly beautiful images and the swap faces do not look as if they have been changed from any face changer video apps.

The authenticity and the image quality of the application have hit thousands of downloads on the platform suggest Android and Apple iOS.

Thus, you can use this application from your mobile devices by paying a small premium fee or you can make use of the free options available in the article to get the job done for you without any cost.

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5. Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo Application

This application has been extensively used by many content creators to develop new memes as it is extremely easy to use.

The extremely simple interface of this application has made it popular as all you need to do is cut out from one picture and paste it on the other to create funny e memes online.

This application has its own pace gallery. We can have all the faces that you have cut over and over again so that you can use them later in other means as well whenever required.

It allows users to quickly cut and paste photos and add them to one another along with different captions so that you can share it on different social media profiles and create a buzz on the internet.

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 6. Face Blender App

If you are looking for a funny selfie poster creator application, then the blender app would be the perfect choice for you. This application comes with an extremely simple user interface and navigation is easy to understand.

First, you need to click a picture from the application and then choose a template to blend the face with other faces available and templates to choose from for all the users.

The algorithm of the application automatically selects the appropriate template and adjustments for your face angle and orientation to fit the correct frame of the image.

Thus you can easily create beautiful face swaps with this face changer video app for free. In case you don’t like the available templates then you must use other applications in the list.

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7. MixBooth Application

Now you can easily convert your face into the face of a famous movie star or a popular singer or someone who is very well known in the industry within a few seconds.

This application is extremely easy to use and will automatically make the face swap for you.