Write Gujarati Letters

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Learn to write Gujarati Letters in a fun and interactive way.

Key Features:
• Learn to write correctly by popping objects in proper order
• Trace letters freely just like writing on a paper or a board
• Earn stars and get feedback for tracing
• Parents and coaches can review stars to see where kids need help
• Sounds for each consonant, vowel, and number to recognize letters
• Choose colors, thickness, objects for variety in learning
• Learn Consonants, Vowels, Numbers and symbols
• Demo of how to write each letter

There are many steps in learning a language. One of the basic learning task is to learn how to write letters. With the help of this app, kids (and grownups alike) can learn to write Gujarati Letters in a fun and interactive way.

Popping activity allows kids to learn correct way of writing the letter. Kids have to pop objects in correct order to finish the letter. They can look for helping hand to see how to write the letter. There are several choices of popping objects so kids can have fun while learning.

Tracing activity allows kids to write in free form without any restriction just like they do on a paper or a board. They get to choose color and thickness allowing them to practice more while having enough variety.

Kids earn stars when they complete tracing letter. The app will automatically figure out when tracing is complete and start evaluation of the traced letter. Kids have option of moving to next letter without earning stars – allowing them to explore other letters without getting stuck!

Kids earn stars based on accuracy of their tracing. If there are no mistakes or very minor mistakes, they earn three stars. Anything less than three stars indicate there is opportunity to improve.

Parents, Coaches, or Kids can view stars earned for each letter. This should make it easy to figure out which letters are strong (three stars) and which letters need improvement (less than three stars).

Sound for each letter will help kids recognize letters and reinforce learning.

Letters are organized in four books covering consonants, vowels, numbers, and symbols.

Free version includes all letters supported by ads. Ads can be removed by upgrading to premium letters.

If you see any problem with the app, please report to us by sending an email and we will be happy to address them in upcoming releases.

We hope this makes it easy for kids to learn to write Gujarati letters! Looking forward to hear your success stories through comments and ratings!
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