TikPlus: real fans, likes & followers for TikToker

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Are you a new TikToker who want to get more followers, fans and likes for your channel?

Are you a professional content creator who spend a lot of time and effort creating awesome short Tik Tok videos but not many people know about it?
Are you a small business owner who want to build a large fans and followers base for your Tik Tok channel to sell your products or services?

Whoever you are, if you are looking for an efficient tool to promote your videos and Tik Tok channel to TikTokers arround the world, TikPlus is a good choice for you.

TikPlus is an AI-powered short music video promotion platfom that helps TikTokers growing their real fans and followers by using AI technology to recommend the most relevant videos to the right people who might highly interested in liking your videos and becoming your fans.

TikPlus features:
*Share short music video links among TikPlus members
*Boost real followers and fans for your channel
*Boost real likes for your music videos
*Only Tik Tok fans and followers are supported for now
*Likes are comming from real people
*Fans and folllowers are real people

How to share your short music videos and run promotions for getting more fans and likes and followers with TikPlus:
*Login with your username, no password is needed.
*Paste the link to your short music video that you want to share
*Create a campaign with target number of followers or fans or likes you want to get.

How TikPlus works:
*TikPlus will recommend your videos and channel to people who might inteterested in watching your videos, liking, following and becoming your fans.
*You need coins to create your campaigns. Every new members will get 10 free fans, 10 free followers or 10 free likes for the first campaign. You can get more coins for other campaigns by making in-app purchases or engaging in coins reward activities offered in the app.
*It's not guaranteed that you will get exactly the number of fans, followers and likes you requested. You may get more or let depending on the quality of your videos and channel.
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