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Swadeshi - The App that shows Made in India products.

It has become important to buy the products made by Indian Companies to boost our economy in current times. Buying Swadeshi Products is a crucial part of making India self-reliant.
We have to ensure that we give preference to products made by our local brands over the other brands.

Why is buying local so important?
Buying swadeshi products means creating national wealth and power. So, If you like to strengthen the Indian economy, start preferring swadeshi products. (Totally made by India not only made in India products)

However, the big question is, how do we know whether a given brand is Indian or not?
Guessing the answer from the name of the brand is not the right approach as many non-Indian Companies have named their brands in a way that they appear to be Indian! The same is the case with Indian brands. They have named their brands in a way that they appear to be non-Indian.

To solve this problem, and save the tedious effort of Googling for each and every product to find out whether it is Indian or not, BitYantra Innovations has come up Swadeshi App.

Swadeshi App is designed carefully, in a way that the users from every age group will find it easy to use the app and find what he/she requires. The app consists of well-sorted Categories of different Products as in an e-commerce site. The products in the categories are the exact products that we use in our daily lives. The app has tried to cover almost all the products across different categories.

The app has the following features
Well Organized Categories.
Shows almost all the products that we use in daily life with Image and Description.
Shows Indian Brands of the products and their Parent Company.
Shows All Indian Companies and all the products of them.

Just browse through all the categories or simply search the product and you will have all the options that have been made by Indian Brands and products made in India.

If you are curious to know all the Indian Companies, you can easily access all the information in one single app, instead of spending time and efforts on the Internet.

If there are some products or categories that you feel are missing, please contact us and We will surely add your suggested categories and products.

Please note that all the data collected has been collected manually through whatever Information is Available on Internet. Although we have ensured that there are no Brands that are not Indian, there could be a possibility of such a mistake. In such cases, please get in touch with us and we will make sure that particular Brand gets removed from the app.

Contribute to this app and make the Swadeshi Movement even Stronger.

Use Swadeshi app to find products made in India.

This is an educative app that is aimed to spread knowledge and awareness about Indian brands amongst the people.
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