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📹 View the value of any Tiktok account instantly, securely - without a login.

View engagement averages such as views, likes, comments, fan interest and social strength. Track an account and use custom alerts. Analyze and grow and have fun!🤩

How does it work?
Statstory  uses public information about a Tik Tok account to create an analysis of the account - that when compared to the global averages gives you a fairly comprehensive picture of how much influence an account has. With that information we can now make an estimate how much an account can charge post sponsors. Some accounts are one hit wonders and others are super consistent posters. Sponsors want to know that. Statstory can tell you.

Live followers Count
Tiktok is really an active network. Your favorite stars get tens of thousands of new followers a day. It’s fun to watch the live follower graph!

How will this help me?
Do you know when you should post to get more views? Do you know which accounts have high engagement and which have horrible numbers? By using competitor analysis you can learn when the best time to post, which hashtags you should be using, and a lot more on your path to success. You will see what others see when they are considering using you for a sponsored video. You can get a really good idea how go your channel is doing using Statstory. Put you best foot forward and engage with your fans - they will engage back. It will show.

Cool feature alert🙌
Track Custom Events on any channel. Want to create a milestone of 10,000 followers? Want to know when someone gains a bunch of followers rapidly? You can configure a custom event and be told instantly when it occurs. This is fun during special events such as ball games, album drops, awards shows, or other viral moments.

Why use StatStory as a marketer?
Are you sure that influencer you paid to promote your products is getting real engagement? With Statstory  you can finally know. Enter any influencers account to get an impartial view of their reach. Track their account during your promotion and get exacting details.

💥 LIVE follower count! View followers in real time.
💥 Custom alerts. Set a metric and we'll let you know as soon as it happens.
💥 Video value (See how much you should charge for a sponsored video)
💥 Engagement metrics (tracks likes, followers, views, and comments)
💥 Tiktok account strength
💥 Posts Schedule. See when any account posts the most.
💥 Most popular recent posts
💥 Account quality
💥 Track your Tik Tok account
💥 Minute by minute account snapshots
💥 View Trending and Noteworthy accounts. New Trending accounts updated constantly.
💥 and much more!

Statstory is not an official or affiliated TikTok application.

We love your app reviews! We will keep improving the app based on your suggestions.

Thanks! 😊
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