IT Interview Question and Answer

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Looking for searching Job Interview Question with Answer App? You’re at the right


This app provides wide range of interview question for different programming

language. that’s help to Crack IT Interview Which has many important and

frequently asked C Programming, C++, C#, Java, Python, Asp.Net, HTML, CSS,

Javascript and so many other.

This free app will teach you how Crack IT Interview. it is easy to start, easy to


Features :

- Great User Interface.
- All topics are offline.
- Topics into proper way.
- Easy to understand.
- Practice programs.
- Copy and Share features.
- Step by step learning

Topics :

- Technical Questions.
- HR Round Questions.
- Group Discussion Tips and Topics.
- Self Introduction.
- Interview Tips.
- Resume Writing Tips.

>> Technical Questions :
Start from simple technical question like programming basic Question and answer.

# C Programming
# C#
# Java
# Python
# Javascript
# C++
# Software Engineering
# Android
# Unix - Linux

>> HR Round Questions :
In HR Round Questions consist most import and frequently asked Questions.

# Tell me something about your self?
# Your Strength and Weakness?
# What are your strong point?
# Why should hire you?
# Tell me about your background?
# What is your greatest fear?

>> Self Introduction :
In this section provided different examples of self introduction.

>> Group Discussion :
In this section provide different tips and topics of group discussion.

>> Interview Tips and Resume writing Tips :
In this section provided some important thing of before and after Interview

Question and answer. Also provide tips of resume writing.

>>Contact Us :
skyeagle team happy to help any time contact on
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