GPSC Quantitative Ability

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Some great news for all the candidates who are being prepared for one of the most reputed competitive exam which is GPSC.

Quantitative Ability Quiz App developed for GPSC (Gujarat Public Service Commission). Here you can find all the categories which will be needed for exam. This app is a great practice for all of you so that you can check your score and can be better. Here are some categories which you will find in this app.


• Number system – different types of numbers, tests of divisibility, unit digit in product, remainders
• Square, square root and cube
• Prime numbers, factorization and HCF & LCM
• Decimal fraction
• Ratio, proportion and variation
• Rule of three & chain rule
• Partnership
• Percentage – problems involving product of variables
• Introduction to algebra – BODMAS, simplification of weird symbols
• Linear equations – in one and two variables
• Problems on ages
• Average of mean, median, mode – including weighted mean
• Introduction to Cartesian co – ordinates – distance between points, section formula, area in simple cases
• Power and exponent – formulae involving squares and cubes of binomial expressions, factorisation, reciprocals in binomial expressions, surds, rationalization of surds, comparison of surds
• Profit and loss – margin of profit, successive discounts, gains from using false weights and measures
• Mixture and Allegation – compound mixture, repeated adulteration
• Simple and compound interest – effective interest rate, equated instalments
• Time and work – work and wages, pipes and cistern
• Time and distance – relatives speed, problems on trains, boats and streams
• Set theory - counting principle
• Counting, permutation & combination – permutation with repetition, basic formulae of permutation and combination.
• Probability theory – complementary events, independent events, addition principle, geometric probability
• Inequalities – application to finding minimum and maximum value of sum and product of up to three variables
• Quadratic equation – properties of roots, factorization method to solve equations

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