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Engineering Interview Trainer

"It's a simple and effective training tool that helped me to ace my job interview."

Interview questions, hints and tips PLUS the STAR Timer interview trainer.

Who is this app for?
💰 anyone preparing for a job interview with Human Resources (HR), management or attending assessment centers where your aptitude and competency will be reviewed.
💰 if you are just starting out in world of Engineering, an apprentice, graduate or fresher or even a seasoned professional changing career.

What does the app do?
💰 We will train you to answer a full range of interview questions in an ordered structured way.

How does the app work?
💰 Each section provides a structured method of reviewing interview questions.
💰 Each question is shown or read to you.
💰 You practice your answer using the STAR technique (an industry recognized technique used by human resources in answering questions at interviews)
💰 We time how long you take to answer the question using our unique integrated "STAR timer".
💰 By deciding how difficult you find the question we will automatically chose when you see the question again!
💰 You make notes for future reference.
(Please note that we do not supply answers to questions as everyone's experiences are so different and will dictate how they can answer each question. To overcome this we have included the ability to make your own notes which will allow for a more natural, personal and free flowing answer.)

What is the Star Technique and why use it?)
To be successful at interviews, it is important to not only consider the content of your answers, but also how you construct it. The “S.T.A.R.” technique is a recognized standard that should be used be interviewees to deliver the right information in the most efficient way!

✔ 500+ questions
✔ 14 different question groups
✔ Star Technique training guide
✔ Interview Stopwatch/Timer for the STAR technique
✔ A proprietary ''Smart Review" technology
✔ Save favourite questions to review later
✔ Make your own notes

Fully functioning app.
Donate to the developer to remove restrictions
- Unlock the remaining question banks!
- premium STAR Timer functionality locked
- remove all advertising.

Finally and most importantly

Watch this space for future updates, as well as associated Apps from the developer. If you have any suggestions, requests or interesting questions that you feel should be included in this software then please do email me and I'll try my best to support this. All comments are gratefully received at interviewknowledge@gmail.com

I hope that these questions will help any engineer prepare for their dream job in any fields including :-
Acoustical engineering, Aerospace engineering, Agricultural engineering, Applied engineering, Biological engineering, Biomolecular engineering, Building services engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Energy engineering, Environmental engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Industrial engineering, Manufacturing engineering, Materials engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Military engineering, Molecular engineering, Nanoengineering, Nuclear engineering, Optical engineering, Petroleum engineering, Power engineering, Process engineering, Railway engineering, Railway systems engineering, Structural engineering, Systems engineering, Thermal engineering, Transport engineering, Vehicle engineering and Water resources engineering
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