'20 Matters

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'20 Matters is an informational app that gives users real-time, updated information about each & every Presidential Candidate running for the 2020 Election* such as their early life, political experience, political views, stances.

on issues, voting record as well as detailed campaign information such as campaign videos, volunteering and donating. Social media information such as recent tweets and Facebook information is also available for each candidate.

The app displays the most recent and relevant news from verified & reputable sources for each candidate in relation to the 2020 Election. Users can favorite a candidate for quick access to this news as well as recent tweets & campaign links from the home screen.

Under Polling Data, users can view recent primary polls relating to the 2020 Presidential Election. Each poll can be expanded to show all candidate information as well as the source report by each Pollster or provider.

Under Local Election Info, users can search their address or their friends and find out what representatives serve them locally, in their state or federally. For each representative, contact & website information is displayed if available.

*Candidates displayed in '20 Matters are ones who have qualified or are likely to qualify for national debates.
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